Date: 14.11.2017, 00:24
Duration: 01h:18m

Hero Player K/D/A Points
et.godlike // 0.00
new_sun_rises // 0.00
centipede. // 0.00
lordvader. // 0.00
Hero Player K/D/A Points
aeromaster // 0.00
kraunky // 0.00
xhellxkhalid10 // 0.00
jersack // 0.00
ET.Godlike@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Jersack@europe.battle.net has joined the game
LordVader.@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Spoof check accepted for [LordVader.] on server [europe.battle.net].
Spoof check accepted for [ET.Godlike] on server [europe.battle.net].
Danny.@europe.battle.net has joined the game
LordVader.: sergey
ET.Godlike: anal is pro poker player
LordVader.: u play on pokerstars?
Centipede.@europe.battle.net has joined the game
ET.Godlike: in 888
LordVader.: oh
ET.Godlike: poker
Spoof check accepted for [Centipede.] on server [europe.battle.net].
LordVader.: i tried that too
ET.Godlike: izier than stars
LordVader.: yea but
LordVader.: design
LordVader.: sucks
Centipede.: call raichu
LordVader.: xd
KraunKy@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Danny.: sergey ?
ET.Godlike: i no care about design )
ET.Godlike: y
Centipede. has left the game voluntarily
Centipede.@europe.battle.net has joined the game
KraunKy: danny
Centipede.: cant message raichu
Spoof check accepted for [Centipede.] on server [europe.battle.net].
Jersack has left the game voluntarily
KraunKy: penny
ET.Godlike: he always dnd
LordVader.: well
LordVader.: i guess no priv
Jersack@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Spoof check accepted for [Jersack] on server [europe.battle.net].
ET.Godlike: go 3 v 3
ET.Godlike: )
Centipede.: lol
LordVader.: tour mode
Danny.: sergey makarenko is u?
LordVader.: xd
Jersack: -eee
KraunKy: i must work tomorrow early
ET.Godlike: yea )
Danny.: -_-
KraunKy: danny
KraunKy: buy for me a ar-15
Danny.: thought u were soem douche
Jersack: an ar15*
ET.Godlike: guys can we play pick mode on priv?
Centipede.: lol
Jersack: ask buufuu to put it
LordVader.: wrap3d mode
Centipede.: horde izi win thenxd
LordVader.: crypt win mode
LordVader.: xd
Jersack: but with ban mode too
ET.Godlike: тщзу огые ифт скнзе
ET.Godlike: just ban crypt
Centipede.: lol we would play every game the same shit heroes
KraunKy: danny do u live in texas ?
LordVader.: yea
Centipede.: ban every game the same shit heroes
Jersack: then
Centipede.: and cry every game about the same shit heroes
Jersack: with this
Danny.: yes
Jersack: we could know which hero should be balanced
ET.Godlike: crypt should be nerfed
KraunKy: make xmas vision with only 1 hero = all assist
Centipede.: u cant balance hvsa. There have to be a whole lot of people who test the balance
Centipede.: there has*
ET.Godlike: yes
ET.Godlike: we cant balance it
LordVader.: call NEP clan
LordVader.: they test it
ET.Godlike: its big hard work
LordVader.: xd
Jersack: its izi
Jersack: fro you putin
Jersack: you play 24hour in a day
ET.Godlike: all i will call all russians hackers
LordVader.: haha
Centipede.: like testing every spell and actually theres not enough scripting knowledge
KraunKy: maybe hes rich
ET.Godlike: y play 24 hours and still nobo
ET.Godlike: -haha
xHellxkhalid10@europe.battle.net has joined the game
LordVader.: man only wooj
LordVader.: could balance this
Jersack: !checkme
LordVader.: not buufuu
LordVader.: rly
Centipede.: man the whole map is messed up
Centipede.: there are to many bugs
ET.Godlike: who is oj
Centipede.: to many things u have to consider
KraunKy: i run
Centipede.: while scripting
Player [xHellxkhalid10] downloaded the map in 34.7 seconds (205.4 KB/sec).
Jersack: blabla slug
xHellxkhalid10 has left the game voluntarily
ET.Godlike: oj is Cthun? xD7
Centipede.: blabla jersuck
Jersack: im boss
Jersack: i carry izi
xHellxkhalid10@europe.battle.net has joined the game
KraunKy: i will call pignan ...sec
KraunKy has left the game voluntarily
Centipede.: trigman chose the right way to create a completely new map but he did it the wrong way
Jersack: lol
xHellxkhalid10 has left the game voluntarily
Jersack: i tested it
LordVader.: u mean that shit map he made?
KraunKy@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Jersack: i randomed cryptlord
Centipede.: yeah it was a good idea to create hvsa completely new
Centipede.: but
Jersack: and i was with like 800000000 summon
Centipede.: he just messed up
Centipede.: because he didnt consider
xHellxkhalid10@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Centipede.: everything
KraunKy: run mode
KraunKy: gg
xHellxkhalid10: hey guys
xHellxkhalid10: what
Centipede.: while making the new map
xHellxkhalid10: is
xHellxkhalid10: ur
xHellxkhalid10: icon on desktop ?
xHellxkhalid10: frozen or regin ?
Jersack: reign
xHellxkhalid10: ok
Centipede.: reign
KraunKy: rainbow six
ET.Godlike: reign
xHellxkhalid10: i format
xHellxkhalid10: pc
xHellxkhalid10: and now updating
xHellxkhalid10: but frozen didnt deleted ..
xHellxkhalid10: its should automatic delete
xHellxkhalid10: every time i open fronze
xHellxkhalid10: battle net
xHellxkhalid10: i need update lol ..
KraunKy: anti-delete-hack :D
xHellxkhalid10: but then i notice
xHellxkhalid10: so if i open only regin icon
xHellxkhalid10: will not update
KraunKy: yy
KraunKy: it was same by me
KraunKy: its normal
xHellxkhalid10: !checkme
Jersack: wus
Jersack: call player?
KraunKy: i have no friends
LordVader.: xdddddd
Jersack: vader
Jersack: call ?
LordVader.: yea i go search
LordVader.: brb
LordVader. has left the game voluntarily
xHellxkhalid10: ur friend is teal
KraunKy: fake friend
Jersack: cantifag
Centipede.: jesus christ
Jersack: Centifag*
Centipede.: still talking about me
Centipede.: :D
KraunKy: why breadon doenst play more priv gameS ?
LordVader.@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Spoof check accepted for [LordVader.] on server [europe.battle.net].
LordVader.: no ppl
xHellxkhalid10: dont know
KraunKy: sec
Centipede.: khalid
xHellxkhalid10: ?
Centipede.: do you like the new runes and masteries in lol
xHellxkhalid10: y
xHellxkhalid10: but in first
xHellxkhalid10: no
AEROMASTER@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Centipede.: kha zix with domination is nice lol
KraunKy: khalid download fortnite
xHellxkhalid10: because know nothing :d
KraunKy: is free
Spoof check accepted for [AEROMASTER] on server [europe.battle.net].
xHellxkhalid10: now u can really
xHellxkhalid10: have so many option
ET.Godlike: wow aero hello
xHellxkhalid10: to use on ur own hero..
KraunKy: i play it in squad
Jersack: wow
Jersack: aero
Centipede.: try rengar and kha zix with domination
Jersack: i thgought you went fuck your gf
LordVader.: wrap3d
AEROMASTER: i have no gf im virgin
LordVader.: xddd
Jersack: xD
ET.Godlike: go 4 vs4
ET.Godlike: guys
xHellxkhalid10: dont like kha and renger
KraunKy: hehe putin :D
xHellxkhalid10: for me boring heros :d
KraunKy: only want play
Centipede.: their auto attacks after theyre hiding in the late game
KraunKy: :D
Centipede.: op shit
xHellxkhalid10: i play kayn
xHellxkhalid10: more fun
Centipede.: well i couldnt get kayn yet
Jersack: im gay guys
xHellxkhalid10: why/
Centipede.: but hes pretty popular
Jersack: sry
AEROMASTER: no youre not
Centipede.: not enough points to buy him :D
ET.Godlike: xD Jersack
KraunKy: sec
KraunKy: i will try call someone
Jersack: im GAYYY
ET.Godlike: say plz delete u from friend list
xHellxkhalid10: im not prefect in runes now
KraunKy: many of france people are gay
xHellxkhalid10: need to practic on them
KraunKy: :D
AEROMASTER: im gay more !
Jersack: wustaro
KraunKy: blablamaker too ?
Jersack: no you dont gay
Centipede.: just copy and paste from lcs players :D
ET.Godlike: what mean more gay?
Jersack: aero is not gay
KraunKy: so make gang-bang
xHellxkhalid10: aero
xHellxkhalid10: u see
xHellxkhalid10: what i said
xHellxkhalid10: skt
xHellxkhalid10: will not win
xHellxkhalid10: Bomb3d
AEROMASTER: je comprend pas
xHellxkhalid10: but now
Jersack: mdrrrrrr
xHellxkhalid10: bengi
xHellxkhalid10: is back
xHellxkhalid10: hahahaha
Centipede.: faker is gone
xHellxkhalid10: no
Centipede.: for 2 years
xHellxkhalid10: faker said he want to go to na team
xHellxkhalid10: but he
Centipede.: military in korea
xHellxkhalid10: want revenge now
xHellxkhalid10: for sure
Centipede.: he cant
Centipede.: he has to go to the military in korea for 2 years
AEROMASTER: this bengi is horrible..
xHellxkhalid10: what is military?
xHellxkhalid10: no
xHellxkhalid10: bengi is good
Jersack: omg
AEROMASTER: no hes shit
Centipede.: army
xHellxkhalid10: maybe u mean blank
xHellxkhalid10: :d
KraunKy: go ?
Centipede.: khalid
KraunKy: i want after fast sleep
Centipede.: he has to go to the army
Centipede.: if u get that :D
xHellxkhalid10: ahh
KraunKy: or do sp ...idc
xHellxkhalid10: well i dont know
Centipede.: they have to there
xHellxkhalid10: but they can give money
xHellxkhalid10: for that
xHellxkhalid10: .
xHellxkhalid10: ?
Centipede.: idk its korea :D
Jersack: pls
ET.Godlike: !start force
xHellxkhalid10: hes in north
LordVader.: start it
LordVader.: danny
Jersack: wustaro fuck me in the ass
xHellxkhalid10: not in other shit
xHellxkhalid10: i mean
KraunKy: ihhhhh
xHellxkhalid10: south
xHellxkhalid10: south korea is good
Jersack: show me how to be a good man
AEROMASTER: north is better
xHellxkhalid10: no
KraunKy: i only fuck girls
Centipede.: as far as i know hes gone for 2 years
AEROMASTER: then fuck me
Jersack: im girl
AEROMASTER: i dress as girl
Centipede.: and then hes going to be back
Jersack: i can be a girl if you want
KraunKy: i dont like shemales too
xHellxkhalid10: faker/
xHellxkhalid10: ?
Jersack: im not shamale
Centipede.: y
xHellxkhalid10: still palying
Jersack: i change sexe
xHellxkhalid10: what
xHellxkhalid10: wtf
xHellxkhalid10: ?
xHellxkhalid10: he never gone
xHellxkhalid10: :d
xHellxkhalid10: he try hard
xHellxkhalid10: but failed mode
xHellxkhalid10: 0 3
Centipede.: faker wont play the next 2 years
KraunKy: danny play with his dick
Centipede.: thats what im trying to explain u dude :D
Jersack: NOW
xHellxkhalid10: ah
xHellxkhalid10: next
AEROMASTER: jers go back to your gf
LordVader.: danny u here???
xHellxkhalid10: ok
xHellxkhalid10: maybe
Jersack: you mean my boyfriend?
AEROMASTER: go back to ONE of ur gf *
xHellxkhalid10: well he have enough money
Jersack: i never saw i gild in my whole life
xHellxkhalid10: to make him alive to whole life
Jersack: sry aero
Jersack: i was lying to you
xHellxkhalid10: like 5 million dollars
xHellxkhalid10: or more
KraunKy: i go wc
LordVader.: i call danny
LordVader.: sec
AEROMASTER: !votestart
6 more votes needed to votestart.
AEROMASTER: we can start without danny
ET.Godlike: !votestart
New_SuN_Rises@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Spoof check accepted for [New_SuN_Rises] on server [europe.battle.net].
LordVader.: omggggg
Jersack: AHMED
AEROMASTER: !votekick new
LordVader.: !yes
Danny.: here
Jersack: IM GAY
Autokicking player [New_SuN_Rises] for excessive ping of 565.
New_SuN_Rises was autokicked for excessive ping of 565
Votestart cancelled!
xHellxkhalid10: let me make
xHellxkhalid10: gproxy
xHellxkhalid10: then i back
xHellxkhalid10: second
xHellxkhalid10 has left the game voluntarily
Danny.: 4 vs 4 ?
ET.Godlike: ahah
Jersack: dont let play aero
ET.Godlike: danny
Jersack: he is drunk
Jersack: and im gay
Danny.: i go off
Jersack: no danny
Danny.: boring
Jersack: we need someone for start game
LordVader.: make me owner
AEROMASTER: je go pub pour ruin ta reput
AEROMASTER has left the game voluntarily
Danny.: !owner lordvader.
Setting game owner to [lordvader.].
Danny. has left the game voluntarily
ET.Godlike: zzz
LordVader.: call ahmed back then
Centipede.: aero and jersack swapped accounts?:D
Jersack: ?
Jersack: we are the same person
LordVader.: yea probably
LordVader.: they sound different
Centipede.: so jersack has admin rights now
Centipede.: :D
AEROMASTER@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Centipede.: GG
Spoof check accepted for [AEROMASTER] on server [europe.battle.net].
xHellxkhalid10@europe.battle.net has joined the game
New_SuN_Rises@europe.battle.net has joined the game
Centipede.: just go in the public
Spoof check accepted for [New_SuN_Rises] on server [europe.battle.net].
Centipede.: well
LordVader.: !hold new_sun_rises
Added player [new_sun_rises] to the hold list.
Jersack: no
Jersack: we are enough
New_SuN_Rises: !checkme
LordVader.: !ping
New_SuN_Rises: 174ms, AEROMASTER: 68ms, LordVader.: 30ms, ET.Godlike: 27ms, Jersack: 22ms, xHellxkhalid10: 13ms, KraunKy: 9ms, Centipede.: 7ms
AEROMASTER: y listen jers hes best
ET.Godlike: !votestart
LordVader.: we go like this?
Jersack: no aero is the best
ET.Godlike: yes
LordVader.: guys?
Centipede.: idc
KraunKy: i want alliance :D
AEROMASTER: j'ai flippé qu'ils matent le ping
KraunKy: or we
LordVader.: !start force
5. . .
4. . .
3. . .
2. . .
1. . .
00:00 Shortest load by player [KraunKy] was 53.64 seconds.
00:00 Longest load by player [ET.Godlike] was 72.50 seconds.
00:00 Have fun, enjoy the game and come again!
00:00 Your GhostPlay-Team
00:04 ET.Godlike: -zoom 150
00:06 LordVader.: -zoom 150
00:06 ET.Godlike: -ar
00:11 LordVader.: !swap 4
00:13 LordVader.: !swap 3
00:15 ET.Godlike: !swap 5
00:15 KraunKy: -zoom 140
00:19 Jersack: -zoom 134
00:19 Jersack: w
00:21 ET.Godlike: swap plz ))
00:23 ET.Godlike: !swap 5
00:23 LordVader.: i want ghost
00:24 KraunKy: shit heros
00:25 LordVader.: !swap 3
00:27 Centipede.: !swap 5
00:29 Jersack: aura
00:31 ET.Godlike: !swap 3
00:31 New_SuN_Rises: -zoom 135
00:34 KraunKy: !swap 6
00:34 Centipede.: -zoom 150
00:35 Jersack: or no
00:39 Jersack: you aura wus?
00:40 AEROMASTER: !swap green
00:40 Jersack: w
00:45 AEROMASTER: jers swap ?
00:46 KraunKy: i repick
00:46 Jersack: w
00:51 Jersack: no sry aero
00:53 ET.Godlike: i go up
00:55 Jersack: you so good aura
00:55 Jersack: w
00:56 KraunKy: -repick
01:02 xHellxkhalid10: !swap 10
01:03 New_SuN_Rises: swap?
01:08 AEROMASTER: !swap gey
01:09 Jersack: !swap 9
01:11 AEROMASTER: !swap grey
01:17 LordVader.: !ping
01:17 New_SuN_Rises: 197ms, Jersack: 32ms, ET.Godlike: 30ms, LordVader.: 28ms, AEROMASTER: 24ms, xHellxkhalid10: 14ms,
01:17 Centipede.: 8ms, KraunKy: 8ms
01:17 xHellxkhalid10: me aura
01:18 xHellxkhalid10: kj
01:21 Centipede.: cancer game
01:24 Centipede.: they got lich
01:27 LordVader.: -holy
01:29 AEROMASTER: me crown
01:40 New_SuN_Rises: no swa ? :/
01:41 xHellxkhalid10: going up
01:42 Centipede.: send acos
01:52 Jersack: w
02:16 ET.Godlike: y
02:17 New_SuN_Rises: i go aura
02:42 KraunKy: fuck
02:46 Centipede.: XD
03:01 AEROMASTER: they all sent aco
03:04 Jersack: y
03:41 AEROMASTER: gg
03:42 AEROMASTER: pro
03:51 Jersack: you better aero
03:53 Jersack: w
03:55 KraunKy: i buy gem
03:57 Jersack: ok
03:58 AEROMASTER: no
04:05 Jersack: better me gem
04:06 Jersack: w
04:14 ET.Godlike: .m
04:16 xHellxkhalid10: pots?
04:18 Jersack: w
04:20 Centipede.: pots
04:22 New_SuN_Rises: pots?
04:24 ET.Godlike: .m
04:50 Centipede.: i share
05:06 ET.Godlike: barrels
05:07 ET.Godlike: kill
05:10 ET.Godlike: for no summons
05:23 KraunKy: they have good combo
05:33 New_SuN_Rises: take
05:38 Centipede.: use
05:39 KraunKy: i will save for lvl 20
05:39 Centipede.: pot
05:44 New_SuN_Rises: taje
05:46 Centipede.: zzz
05:47 KraunKy: and go creeep
05:55 New_SuN_Rises: i aura
05:58 New_SuN_Rises: support
06:21 AEROMASTER: gg
06:24 ET.Godlike: lel
06:25 Jersack: you pro
06:26 Jersack: xD
06:33 Jersack: w
06:33 LordVader.: omfg
06:34 AEROMASTER: xd
06:38 ET.Godlike: baited
06:39 Jersack: lucky
06:40 Jersack: w
08:20 KraunKy: Wtf
08:27 KraunKy: creeps
08:30 KraunKy: go back
08:34 KraunKy: cause ahmeD
09:23 New_SuN_Rises: ulti vader?
09:28 LordVader.: sec lvl 30
10:12 KraunKy: pots ?
10:15 Centipede.: red
10:18 Centipede.: get a gem
10:19 ET.Godlike: y
10:20 Centipede.: up there
10:24 Centipede.: cause of my creeps
10:27 Centipede.: dont let them steal
10:36 KraunKy: hard
10:38 KraunKy: lvl 31
10:41 Centipede.: xd
10:44 KraunKy: i die fast
10:46 Jersack: epic dagger cancel
10:46 Jersack: w
10:49 AEROMASTER: ive pulled
10:50 LordVader.: -haha
11:09 KraunKy: def
11:22 Centipede.: push
11:37 Centipede.: .m
11:37 Jersack: w
11:43 Centipede.: .m
11:45 KraunKy: ty
11:53 Centipede.: should i keep ahmed?
11:56 ET.Godlike: .m
11:56 New_SuN_Rises: y
11:57 Centipede.: or staff for aura?
12:03 New_SuN_Rises: no i handle
12:07 New_SuN_Rises: hope
12:07 Centipede.: kk
12:23 ET.Godlike: .m
12:30 AEROMASTER: nah
12:45 Jersack: +useless gem
12:47 LordVader.: b
12:47 LordVader.: b
12:52 Centipede.: im coming
12:53 KraunKy: b
12:53 Jersack: no vision even with it
12:54 Jersack: w
13:02 Jersack: jvais leave mddr
13:02 Jersack: w
13:06 AEROMASTER: non xd
13:18 Jersack: la vie jre meurt comme sa jme barre
13:19 Jersack: w
14:39 Jersack: 3
14:40 Jersack: 2
14:43 AEROMASTER: arrete
14:51 AEROMASTER: tes nul
14:53 AEROMASTER: a cher
14:53 Jersack: mdrr
14:53 New_SuN_Rises: lol
14:54 AEROMASTER: fdp
14:56 New_SuN_Rises: pro vader
15:17 Jersack: ils vont tinsulté mdrrr
15:18 Jersack: w
15:19 Centipede.: vader has 1 job
15:22 Jersack: ahahaaa
15:23 Centipede.: right clikcing xd
15:23 LordVader.: xd
15:25 Jersack: w
15:25 AEROMASTER: xd
15:32 AEROMASTER: ok
15:34 Jersack: ta vue la chatte?
15:34 AEROMASTER: i go scorp ulti
15:41 Jersack: il lui restait 4 hp le rouge
15:41 Jersack: w
15:49 Jersack: 7
15:57 KraunKy: really
16:00 KraunKy: allways bad timing
16:10 KraunKy: kil fast aco
16:15 ET.Godlike: zz
16:16 ET.Godlike: all
16:18 ET.Godlike: there
16:21 New_SuN_Rises: where?
16:23 KraunKy: why crown ?
16:24 Centipede.: vader
16:25 AEROMASTER: come
16:25 Centipede.: vamp pots
16:26 AEROMASTER: i ulti
16:29 KraunKy: yy
16:38 KraunKy: no
16:39 KraunKy: wtf
16:48 KraunKy: .m
16:49 AEROMASTER: aura
17:04 ET.Godlike: lol
17:08 New_SuN_Rises: ;/
17:08 KraunKy: fuck
17:08 LordVader.: -haha
17:09 KraunKy: i die
17:24 KraunKy: ^^
17:26 Centipede.: xd
17:29 Centipede.: u win
17:30 Centipede.: ahmed
17:35 New_SuN_Rises: hope :)
17:42 KraunKy: not my game today
17:48 Jersack: lag hard
17:49 Centipede.: ult?
17:52 Jersack: w
17:59 Centipede.: gj
18:09 Centipede.: LOL
18:09 KraunKy: could easy win+
18:10 KraunKy: me noob
18:10 Centipede.: rekt
18:13 xHellxkhalid10: why me lagged
18:14 New_SuN_Rises: crown?
18:15 New_SuN_Rises: -e
18:22 Jersack: i lag hard too
18:23 Jersack: w
18:29 xHellxkhalid10: lag pc or net dont know
18:34 Centipede.: go creep?
18:35 Jersack: it sbot
18:37 Jersack: w
18:38 AEROMASTER: if i knew he ulti..
18:43 AEROMASTER: come
18:44 LordVader.: .m
18:47 AEROMASTER: i ulti
19:06 Centipede.: omw
19:22 xHellxkhalid10: laggg
19:22 New_SuN_Rises: -haha
19:22 Centipede.: hahaha
19:24 KraunKy: i dont understand
19:25 Jersack: lagg
19:27 KraunKy: why aero crown :D
19:29 AEROMASTER: wtf
19:34 AEROMASTER: bcs khalid aura its enough
19:34 Centipede.: anal
19:34 New_SuN_Rises: ofc
19:34 KraunKy: so why not repick ?
19:34 Jersack has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET).
19:35 xHellxkhalid10: lagg so hard
19:35 KraunKy: bm with bm
19:38 AEROMASTER: omg
19:49 Centipede.: .m
19:54 Centipede.: aero3d
20:09 Centipede.: .m
20:11 Centipede.: shield bro
20:18 New_SuN_Rises: lol i think just aero did this unplug
20:24 New_SuN_Rises: jersack also :)
20:28 New_SuN_Rises: .m
20:30 AEROMASTER: xdddd
20:32 AEROMASTER: im jers
20:37 LordVader.: -haha
20:41 Centipede.: .m
20:44 KraunKy: .m
20:45 AEROMASTER: so your theory good haha
20:47 New_SuN_Rises: defending mode? :)
20:53 AEROMASTER: xd
21:06 KraunKy: .m
21:30 KraunKy: .m
21:37 Centipede.: .m
21:38 Centipede.: for you
21:50 ET.Godlike: pots
21:52 ET.Godlike: items
21:54 Centipede.: .m
22:08 LordVader.: .m
22:51 Centipede.: use ult?
22:52 Centipede.: lol
22:54 ET.Godlike: cd
23:01 Centipede.: gg3d
23:04 Centipede.: :D
23:04 KraunKy: they want creep here
23:04 Warning! Desync detected!
23:04 Players in game state #1: ET.Godlike, Centipede., KraunKy, AEROMASTER, xHellxkhalid10, New_SuN_Rises
23:04 Players in game state #2: LordVader.
23:04 LordVader. was dropped due to desync.
23:07 AEROMASTER: tf
23:09 New_SuN_Rises: lol
23:09 AEROMASTER: tf
23:11 ET.Godlike: lmao
23:12 AEROMASTER: wtf
23:21 KraunKy: aero
23:34 AEROMASTER: armor
23:41 xHellxkhalid10: .m
23:48 KraunKy: .m
24:18 New_SuN_Rises: :()
24:18 KraunKy: i creep noting
24:19 KraunKy: -haha
24:41 xHellxkhalid10: lets push hard
24:45 Centipede.: ahmed
24:46 Centipede.: token base
24:46 KraunKy: yy
24:47 AEROMASTER: we win
24:49 AEROMASTER: inner rage
25:50 Centipede.: .m
25:57 Centipede.: .m
26:01 KraunKy: b
26:13 xHellxkhalid10: man
26:15 New_SuN_Rises: lol
26:17 xHellxkhalid10: he didnt used his ulti ?
26:22 xHellxkhalid10: on green
26:30 xHellxkhalid10: i mean on orange
26:37 xHellxkhalid10: for thati didnt dagger
26:37 AEROMASTER: nah
27:01 xHellxkhalid10: tp?
27:03 AEROMASTER: cd tp
27:31 Centipede.: .m
27:48 ET.Godlike: .m
27:55 New_SuN_Rises: i need for duel
28:03 New_SuN_Rises: duel
28:05 KraunKy: i die again
28:07 ET.Godlike: .m
28:12 Centipede.: izi
28:18 AEROMASTER: fuck their item
28:29 AEROMASTER: i go there and summon
28:46 KraunKy: sec
28:49 xHellxkhalid10: ..?
28:50 KraunKy: no ulti
28:57 xHellxkhalid10: where u used?
29:17 Centipede.: u blind
29:18 Centipede.: xd
29:32 xHellxkhalid10: b
29:33 xHellxkhalid10: ?
29:33 KraunKy: b
29:44 Centipede.: now
29:57 New_SuN_Rises: think lich there
30:01 KraunKy: .m
30:08 ET.Godlike: .m
30:20 New_SuN_Rises: putin
30:24 ET.Godlike: y
30:24 Centipede.: ,m
30:26 Centipede.: .m
30:29 New_SuN_Rises: u need
30:32 xHellxkhalid10: take this give me corr?
30:41 ET.Godlike: .m
30:44 KraunKy: sec
32:08 New_SuN_Rises: lol
32:18 KraunKy: go mines don
32:38 xHellxkhalid10: bakc
32:39 xHellxkhalid10: bakc
32:48 AEROMASTER: tp
32:48 xHellxkhalid10: omg
32:49 AEROMASTER: he notuli
33:04 Centipede.: putin?
33:06 ET.Godlike: y
33:08 Centipede.: u didnt take the fucking claw
33:11 KraunKy: why not down before
33:12 KraunKy: ^^
33:21 ET.Godlike: lol
33:21 Centipede.: claws there
33:27 Centipede.: i dont know
33:31 Centipede.: how u missed that
33:37 ET.Godlike: i didnt
33:37 ET.Godlike: see
33:38 Centipede.: get them
33:41 Centipede.: MAN HOW
33:44 KraunKy: .m
34:31 xHellxkhalid10: we need dmg
34:39 Centipede.: fucking lalaland
34:54 KraunKy: i go mooney
34:55 KraunKy: or ?
35:00 xHellxkhalid10: and who dmg?
35:01 xHellxkhalid10: :d
35:03 KraunKy: ok
35:10 KraunKy: i need more lvl
35:12 Centipede.: focus kraunky in fights
35:14 AEROMASTER: pff
35:15 KraunKy: .m
35:43 ET.Godlike: b
35:43 AEROMASTER: inn
35:48 Centipede.: k we wait
35:49 Centipede.: for you
35:49 ET.Godlike: me go clws
35:52 ET.Godlike: .m
36:11 ET.Godlike: lol
36:14 ET.Godlike: no claws
36:18 Centipede.: well
36:20 Centipede.: youre to late then
36:44 Centipede.: ahmed
36:44 Centipede.: omg
36:51 New_SuN_Rises: .m
37:06 Centipede.: ty guys....
37:20 xHellxkhalid10: wtf
37:25 KraunKy: why ?
37:28 KraunKy: man
37:30 KraunKy: why go ther
37:30 KraunKy: wtf
37:30 xHellxkhalid10: man
37:34 xHellxkhalid10: why not go use dagger
37:34 AEROMASTER: coem og
37:36 xHellxkhalid10: to there base
37:38 KraunKy: cause CD
38:06 KraunKy: we could so easy kill mines before
38:16 New_SuN_Rises: khalid
39:25 xHellxkhalid10: let me
39:27 xHellxkhalid10: this blue
39:27 xHellxkhalid10: fast
39:28 New_SuN_Rises: .m
39:29 xHellxkhalid10: for moony
39:30 Centipede.: ahmed
39:32 New_SuN_Rises: .m
39:32 KraunKy: i need man
39:35 New_SuN_Rises: .m
39:44 Centipede.: could need u around me
39:49 Centipede.: in necessary moments
40:00 Centipede.: important*
40:30 New_SuN_Rises: Oops
41:01 KraunKy: no tp
41:31 KraunKy: careful
41:33 xHellxkhalid10: tp
41:33 xHellxkhalid10: tp
41:46 Centipede.: could u just
41:47 Centipede.: take once
41:50 Centipede.: the fastest path
42:02 New_SuN_Rises: me?
42:05 Centipede.: y
42:12 New_SuN_Rises: no blink skill
42:13 New_SuN_Rises: ;/
42:18 Centipede.: i blinked once
42:28 Centipede.: they saw us anyways
42:30 xHellxkhalid10: we cant fight them
42:32 Centipede.: u should just run directly
42:33 Centipede.: to them
42:42 ET.Godlike: pff
43:09 xHellxkhalid10: back
43:11 xHellxkhalid10: orange
43:19 New_SuN_Rises: hell
43:28 KraunKy: man
43:29 KraunKy: rerally
43:35 KraunKy: back
43:46 KraunKy: we could easy win before^^
44:00 AEROMASTER: he nwe balde its izi
44:12 KraunKy: aero
44:14 KraunKy: i give u hammer
44:27 KraunKy: sec
44:46 xHellxkhalid10: back
45:23 KraunKy: back
45:54 Centipede.: how did those glaives deal 0 damage? :D
45:59 KraunKy: this was big fail
46:02 KraunKy: when u tp
46:06 KraunKy: aura was dead
46:10 KraunKy: bm and your ulti
46:12 KraunKy: would clear
46:16 KraunKy: u tp up ^^
46:21 Centipede.: gotta push hard now
46:26 Centipede.: there are creeps
46:28 Centipede.: go there
46:48 KraunKy: for me bm is useless
47:09 AEROMASTER: so if im useless i can leave ??
47:14 KraunKy: i mean your hero
47:27 New_SuN_Rises: putin so much risky stun
47:33 New_SuN_Rises: but worth it
47:38 ET.Godlike: )
47:40 Centipede.: well i got evasion now
47:42 Centipede.: im save
47:56 New_SuN_Rises: i go tank?
49:13 KraunKy: not normal
49:25 KraunKy: back
49:35 Centipede.: ahmed heal and push
49:47 KraunKy: try def
50:20 KraunKy: stay
50:27 Centipede.: care
50:27 Centipede.: lich
50:28 Centipede.: alive
52:04 KraunKy: back
52:20 KraunKy: cant lvl
52:21 AEROMASTER: we never succed to focus
52:27 KraunKy: i try aura
52:32 KraunKy: before
52:36 xHellxkhalid10: they betterheros
52:40 xHellxkhalid10: jaina and sir
52:41 Centipede.: evasion and youre immortal lol
52:44 xHellxkhalid10: so good vs lich and kj
52:50 KraunKy: man
52:53 KraunKy: why not stay
52:55 xHellxkhalid10: man
52:58 xHellxkhalid10: u talk to much
52:59 xHellxkhalid10: about this
53:01 KraunKy: -haha
53:04 xHellxkhalid10: what why not stay
53:07 xHellxkhalid10: what u doingthere
53:11 xHellxkhalid10: aura was already there
53:13 New_SuN_Rises: putin noob still no killing spree
53:14 KraunKy: no
53:16 New_SuN_Rises: :)
53:17 xHellxkhalid10: and we cant vs them
53:17 KraunKy: i saw it
53:18 xHellxkhalid10: ok
53:20 ET.Godlike: ))
53:22 KraunKy: nono
53:25 KraunKy: aura was dead
53:30 KraunKy: 20sec
53:35 xHellxkhalid10: even
53:58 KraunKy: why waste ?^^
54:48 Centipede.: brb
54:49 Centipede.: orb
55:46 KraunKy: is ballance combo
55:57 Centipede.: crycrycrycrycrycry :D
56:02 New_SuN_Rises: :
56:05 AEROMASTER: thye keep focus u 100%
56:12 KraunKy: ofc
57:08 KraunKy: b
57:45 xHellxkhalid10: attack
57:54 KraunKy: no luck
57:55 KraunKy: -haha
58:00 xHellxkhalid10: wgy not
58:01 Centipede.: -cry
58:01 xHellxkhalid10: attack
58:09 KraunKy: man
58:12 KraunKy: u saw my hp before
58:14 KraunKy: i didnt saw
58:22 xHellxkhalid10: when
58:24 xHellxkhalid10: u burg
58:27 xHellxkhalid10: keep attack
58:29 xHellxkhalid10: what u do
58:44 AEROMASTER: we need focus teal
58:48 AEROMASTER: and use lich to bring them far
58:53 xHellxkhalid10: lich iddnt attacked
58:54 xHellxkhalid10: him
58:56 AEROMASTER: bcs they follow him like honey with bees
58:56 xHellxkhalid10: when he burg
59:00 KraunKy: burg ?
59:03 xHellxkhalid10: purge
59:42 KraunKy: back
59:48 AEROMASTER: ok
60:02 AEROMASTER: stay far behind grey and make teal blink to u
60:53 Centipede.: b
60:54 Centipede.: b
60:54 Centipede.: b
60:54 Centipede.: bb
60:55 AEROMASTER: no ag
61:20 Centipede.: lets end this lol
61:28 Centipede.: soon 4 boots
61:53 KraunKy: i change orb
61:54 ET.Godlike: even no spree (
61:56 Centipede.: air
62:10 KraunKy: .m
62:33 AEROMASTER: its our chance
62:36 AEROMASTER: i make blade
62:37 AEROMASTER: 2sec
62:57 New_SuN_Rises: well he is jersack
63:17 Centipede.: didnt even know
63:19 Centipede.: i had duell xd
63:21 AEROMASTER: gl xd
63:32 xHellxkhalid10: thoese duels
63:34 xHellxkhalid10: ruin
63:37 AEROMASTER: yyy
63:37 ET.Godlike: u no ned to care about duels
63:38 New_SuN_Rises: good surprise?
63:39 New_SuN_Rises: :)
63:41 Centipede.: .m
63:42 KraunKy: .m
63:46 Centipede.: .m
63:49 Centipede.: .m
63:53 Centipede.: .m
63:58 AEROMASTER: lets try
64:01 AEROMASTER: i have ulti
64:24 KraunKy: sec
64:37 KraunKy: pig ?
64:41 xHellxkhalid10: tp
64:41 xHellxkhalid10: tp
64:48 Centipede.: LOL
64:54 xHellxkhalid10: xddddddddd
65:24 New_SuN_Rises: putin first ^^
65:25 AEROMASTER: xd
65:27 AEROMASTER: stealer
65:30 ET.Godlike: )
65:39 Centipede.: i should get hammer
65:40 Centipede.: xd
65:46 AEROMASTER: imagine if we could build towers with aco
65:47 Centipede.: noone of them immune
65:51 New_SuN_Rises: y better if space ^^
65:56 Centipede.: dagger
66:13 Centipede.: im naisha :D
66:18 xHellxkhalid10: tp
66:33 xHellxkhalid10: bakc
66:39 Centipede.: ult?
66:40 ET.Godlike: wtf
66:42 ET.Godlike: my
66:43 ET.Godlike: dagger
67:07 New_SuN_Rises: .m
67:09 New_SuN_Rises: .m
67:14 New_SuN_Rises: .m
67:17 New_SuN_Rises: .m
67:47 AEROMASTER: i go true hammer or double
67:51 KraunKy: double
67:56 AEROMASTER: idk if can finish
67:58 KraunKy: he has hammer too
68:06 Centipede.: dude
68:07 Centipede.: :D
68:11 ET.Godlike: )
68:17 New_SuN_Rises: ?
68:18 Centipede.: slow
68:18 Centipede.: af
68:21 KraunKy: b
68:25 Centipede.: air
68:53 xHellxkhalid10: wtf
69:05 KraunKy: wtgf?
69:21 Centipede.: epic
69:23 AEROMASTER: go ulti
69:25 New_SuN_Rises: :)
69:32 Centipede.: they will push
69:43 KraunKy: fast
70:59 xHellxkhalid10: back
71:00 xHellxkhalid10: orange
71:05 xHellxkhalid10: .m
71:08 AEROMASTER: its teal we need kill..
71:10 xHellxkhalid10: .m
71:11 AEROMASTER: shit
71:14 xHellxkhalid10: .m
71:18 xHellxkhalid10: .m
71:41 xHellxkhalid10: b
71:41 xHellxkhalid10: b
72:08 Centipede.: i hate it :D
72:11 Centipede.: long game
72:11 ET.Godlike: naisha with hammer
72:12 Centipede.: for nth
72:15 ET.Godlike: gj
72:19 KraunKy: this game
72:19 Centipede.: lol
72:20 KraunKy: we cant win :D
72:21 Centipede.: theyre not immune
72:24 AEROMASTER: xd
72:25 ET.Godlike: i knowe
72:27 ET.Godlike: so
72:28 ET.Godlike: i sayd
72:31 ET.Godlike: gj )
72:32 AEROMASTER: pls let me buy aco
72:35 New_SuN_Rises: :)
72:43 Centipede.: zzz
72:47 ET.Godlike: teal noob hammer with naisha
72:48 ET.Godlike: zzz
72:55 KraunKy: lol
72:58 KraunKy: he stun more
73:00 ET.Godlike: gg wp
73:03 KraunKy: like melee hero
73:06 New_SuN_Rises: :)
73:10 xHellxkhalid10: man
73:11 Centipede.: gj ahmed
73:11 ET.Godlike: i joking man
73:18 xHellxkhalid10: purge every sec
73:20 xHellxkhalid10: with moony
73:47 Centipede.: JESUS
74:02 New_SuN_Rises: talk with bro :)
75:00 Centipede.: gogogogogogoogogogogoogogo
75:09 Centipede.: YES
75:42 KraunKy: should go sleep for work ^^
76:00 AEROMASTER: -e
76:05 Centipede.: 4-21 xd
76:08 xHellxkhalid10: i go off
76:25 KraunKy has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET).
76:29 xHellxkhalid10 has left the game voluntarily.
76:31 New_SuN_Rises: ban
76:33 Centipede.: AHAHAHAHA
76:39 AEROMASTER: jers the best is not here..
76:43 AEROMASTER: thats why lose
76:47 New_SuN_Rises: this game should publish
76:51 ET.Godlike: -haha
76:58 Centipede.: :D
77:03 Centipede.: abus3d
77:07 New_SuN_Rises: ban putin to
77:41 New_SuN_Rises: -die
77:41 ET.Godlike: xD
77:44 Centipede.: :DDDDDD
77:45 Centipede.: .m
77:47 AEROMASTER: jers the best not here
77:49 AEROMASTER: :///
77:53 AEROMASTER: me too noob
77:55 New_SuN_Rises: abuser should punish :)
78:06 AEROMASTER: im gay btw
78:11 Centipede.: + 780 agi
78:12 ET.Godlike: now i know
78:18 AEROMASTER: i have a bf
78:19 ET.Godlike: ))
78:27 AEROMASTER: i dream of jers sometimes
78:28 Centipede.: jersuck u fucking troll xd
78:38 AEROMASTER: jersuck not here wtf
78:42 Centipede.: -cry
78:42 AEROMASTER: didnt u ee he banshee
78:45 Centipede.: :D
78:50 Centipede.: -troll
78:51 Centipede.: for you guys
78:52 Centipede.: :D
78:57 AEROMASTER: :(
78:59 Centipede. has left the game voluntarily.
78:59 ET.Godlike has left the game voluntarily.
78:59 AEROMASTER has left the game voluntarily.
78:59 New_SuN_Rises has left the game voluntarily.